Anuka Mani Adjustable Silver Necklace


This beautifully handcrafted Mani necklace adjusts easily to fit over your head, it can then be worn in different ways depending on the outfit and occasion. The weighted Mani stone means it sits and stays comfortably where you place it. Wear it low down with big knits for that casual winter look, or high to the neck with that little black dress. Alternatively, turn it around and wear it down the back with a backless dress.

  • Metal: 100% recycled silver
  • Chain measurements 71.12cm (28″)

This necklace comes displayed in a stylish box.


Anuka is a contemporary luxury jewellery brand, founded in 2014 by Francesca Kippax. Anuka is defined by strong, bold forms and clean lines, creating timeless classics with a contemporary edge.

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