Sheila Fleet Rowan Single-Leaf Pendant Necklace in Sage Enamel with Moonstone


This sterling silver Rowan Pendant features a single leaf in Sage enamel on a flowing silver branch, hanging elegantly on a sterling silver curb chain. The piece is beautifully enhanced with a moonstone, set by hand in our Orkney Workshop.

In Scottish lore, the Rowan tree is regarded as a ‘Tree of Life’; a protector from harm—its berries symbolic of life and renewal. Sheila’s Rowan collection has been created with nature’s delicate balance in mind and the importance of all trees to our survival.

This necklace comes displayed in a stylish Taylor & Co box.

  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Enamel: Sage
  • Type: Moonstone
  • 3mm Moonstone


Sheila Fleet has developed a reputation around the world for her distinctive designs. At the heart of these is her love for Orkney, her home since birth.

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