Fathers Day Gift Ideas | 18th June 2023

If you would like to celebrate your dad or the father figure in your life then we have this ultimate guide of gift inspiration to help you find the perfect gift that will make him smile. Here at Taylor & Co we are proud to stock Fred Bennett which embodies on-trend modern pieces that are made to a high quality. With ranges in sterling silver, stainless steel, genuine leather and genuine recycled leather there is something for everyone. We also have everyday accessories and pieces ideal for engraving for an added personal touch.

Throughout history signet rings have been worn by royalty and nobility and are often engraved with their family crest. The signet ring is having a comeback in 2023 and is a great investment piece as it is a timeless style. We have the Fred Bennett signet ring available in two styles, plain and oval and each can be engraved for a more personal touch.

Whether worn alone or stacked for an added flair of personality our leather bracelets are always a hot hit amongst our male clientele. Crafted using genuine leather these bracelets are both stylish and practical with many featuring magnetic clasps.

Men’s chain necklaces are having a renaissance in 2023. With many stylish male celebrities opting to layer them on the red carpet. Our Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Curb Chain Necklace will be the centre of everyone’s attention.

While the leather rope bracelets make a great lightweight fashionable option, a solid men’s cuff bangle is a forever piece. Our Fred Bennett Flat Top Bangle weighs over 30 grams and can even be personalised with engraving.

Looking for a more affordable gift? Why not try our leather plaited keyring. This stylish keyring is the perfect accessory for any man.

A Guide To Precious Gemstones

Despite diamonds being the most popular gemstone in the jewellery industry, the demand for many other precious and semi-precious gemstones has gained traction in recent years. One reason consumers are opting for alternative gemstones is because each carries unique qualities and symbolism. Throughout history gems have garnered special meaning in cultures all over the world. At Taylor & Co we are proud to be a UK stockist of Chatham lab grown gemstones. For over 80 years Chatham has been recognised as the world’s leader in lab grown gemstones. Their premium quality gemstones are chemically, optically and physically identical to their mined ancestors.  In this blog post we will be discussing which properties each gemstone carries so you can choose a stone that is meaningful to you or your loved one.




Alexandrite is the chameleon of gemstones, it has the unique ability to transform from a bluish teal in daylight to a reddish purple in the evening. It is a stone that represents willingness for change and adventure as well as good luck and fortune. This distinct gem is also a June birthstone and the anniversary stone for the 55th year of marriage. Shop our range of Alexandrite products here.

Aqua Blue Spinel


The colour of the Caribbean Sea, Aqua Blue Spinel’s make a eye catching alternative to Aquamarines. They are a resilient gemstone and are hard enough to be worn every day. The blue spinel is all about peace, calm and tranquillity. Like the natural flow of the oceanic waves this beautiful gemstone encourages the wearer to ride the waves of life and drop all resistance. It is the birthstone of September.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires have gained popularity over the past few decades as it is the stone in the engagement ring worn by both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. This gemstone represents truth, faithfulness, and honesty which is why it is a popular choice for engagement rings, it can also be the “something blue” on your wedding day. It is the birthstone of September and the 5th and 45th anniversary gem.



Emerald is a very regal gemstone and is known as “The Jewel of Kings”. Style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy were fans of the gem. Emerald represents, happiness, growth, true love and new beginnings. It is the May birthstone and the 20th and 35th anniversary gem. Here at Taylor & Co we stock Chatham lab grown emeralds that were invented over 75 years ago, you can shop the range here.



Opals have a magical quality to them as the colour is ever changing. The opal gem represents hope, purity, optimism and creativity. It is the birthstone of October and the 14th anniversary gem. You can shop our range of Opal products here.


The fiery red Ruby gemstone represents passion, love, wealth and power. The hardness of the gem makes it a great option for an engagement ring as it can be worn every day. It is the birthstone of July and the 15th and 40th anniversary gem. You can explore our range of Ruby pieces here.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you want to treat the female figure in your life then we have just the gift guide to help inspire you. No matter your budget or style we have a range of gifts that are sure to put a smile on her face. With gifts starting from £15 there really is something for everyone.

For The Woman Who Has Your Heart

What better symbol is there to show your love than with a heart? From contemporary heart adorned t bar bracelets to abstract gold plated heart pendants we have a range of gifts she is sure to love in our heart collection.

A Rose For A Rose

You will be seeing a lot of rose gold in 2023 as it is one of the top jewellery trends of the year. Although it’s not as popular as white or yellow gold, it is an affordable and highly fashionable option. From textured cuff bangles to dainty hoops we have a range of delicate pieces to choose from in our Rose Gold Collection.

A Forever Flower

Flowers make a beautiful gift, but despite best efforts they tend to only last a week or so. If you are looking for flowers that will never wilt, why not try flower shaped jewellery. These dainty and feminine designs act as a daily reminder of your love. Explore our range of floral jewellery.

Mother Of Pearl

Traditionally pearls represent unconditional love so they make a great present for a mother figure. Whether you are wanting a timeless cultured pearl necklace or a contemporary pearl drop earring our range of pearl jewellery is sure to stand the test of time.

Diamonds Are Forever

As the age old saying goes, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Although when most people think of diamonds they automatically think of engagement rings, a gift such as a pair of timeless diamond studs would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Explore our full range of dazzling diamond gifts.


5 Engagement Rings Trends for 2023

Finding ‘the one’ when it comes to choosing your engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. If you are looking to pop the big question but feel like you need some help in the ring choosing department, then this blog post is for you. We’ve collated our professional insider knowledge and put together this concise guide that helps to pinpoint the hottest trends when it comes to engagement rings in 2023.

One Of A Kind

When it comes to engagement rings it is easy to understand why bespoke rings are a firm favourite. A bespoke ring enables the client to have creative control over the finer details of the ring design while ensuring they stick within their personal budget. The 2021 Jewellery and Engagement Study that was conducted by The Knot, a US-based digital wedding planning, and registry website found that 48 per cent of rings were custom made. At Taylor & Co we offer free of charge consultations with our in house Master Goldsmith Mike Taylor, who has over 40 years experience within the jewellery industry. During the free consultation Mike will discuss in depth with the client their unique desires and will use his expertise and professional opinion to create a ring that brings their dreams to life. You can book your free consultation with our team by calling us on 01344 780212 or by emailing sandra.harewood@mastergoldsmiths.co.uk.

You better shape up


Every year engagement ring trends come and go but there are three diamond cuts that have stood the test of time. The 2022 study conducted by 1stDibs identified that 43% of engagement ring buyers wanted a round cut, 15% an oval cut and 13% a princess cut. It is no mystery why round cut diamonds reign supreme, they are the most brilliant cut and offer maximum sparkle and higher light performance compared with other diamond cuts. Although round cut diamonds remain the front runner, the oval cut has been gaining popularity in recent years. According to Google Trends the term “oval engagement rings” ranks as the top-searched ring cut over the past five years. This may be because the elongated shape gives the illusion that the diamond is bigger than its round counterpart. The princess cut may have only been around since the 1960s but continues to be a consistent choice amongst buyers.  One benefit of the princess cut is that they are less expensive compared to other cuts, because diamonds grow in a square shape less cutting is involved to create the finished shape.

An oldie but a goodie


Many conscientious couples are opting for vintage engagement rings as they are a more ethical and sustainable choice. The beauty of a vintage engagement ring is that you end up with something truly unique and timeless. Vintage rings are also more likely to stand the test of time as they are crafted in a way that ensures longevity. At Taylor & Co we carry a curated range of hand picked vintage rings that are available on a first come first serve basis in-store only.

Go Green

Many millennial and Gen-Z clients are very discerning when it comes to choosing their diamond with many opting for lab grown diamonds as opposed to their mined equivalents. Although lab grown diamonds have been available since the 1970s it is only in more recent years that they have gained popularity. Lab grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to their mined counterparts. They are kinder to the planet as they take 50% less energy to create and on average cost 40-50% less. Taylor & Co is committed to doing all it can to be a green business therefore we have substantially invested in this technology and Mike Taylor has created a range of unique engagement rings using solely lab grown diamonds. You can explore the full range here.

Your True Colour


Engagement rings decked with coloured stones are all the range right now. Couples are moving away from traditional diamonds and are instead opting for an array of alternative stones to adorn their engagement rings. Coloured stones are a great way to reflect an individual’s uniqueness and personal style and each stone also comes with its own symbolic meaning which adds another layer of sentimentality. From ocean blue sapphires to rich forest green emeralds, we have a range of coloured stones to suit all tastes and budgets.