John Garland-Taylor Curled Heart Pendant Necklace


Each curled heart pendant is handmade from sheet silver, they are planished to create a beautiful texture to catch and throwback glances of light, the pendant has a slight twist in the centre so the tail of the heart curved upwards. They have a bale on the underside to slide a chain through. This heart pendant is supplied on an 18″ 1.2mm snake chain.

The pendant tapers from the top and is highly polished to give to a sleek modern finish. It is available in 33mm.

  • Measurements: 33mm
  • Chain: 18″ Snake Chain
  • Metal: sterling silver
This bangle comes displayed in a stylish box.


John Garland-Taylor is the handcrafted British jewellery brand that specialises in classic designs that are masterfully executed by their highly skilled team.

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